To retake or not to retake…

That is indeed the question.  680 is a great score, but I don’t think it is enough to get me into the types of schools I want to go to (NYU, CBS, Yale). The average at NYU is 708, which would lead me to believe that the average for a white male in finance is much higher. I know they say the GMAT is only one part of your application, but it is probably the most important part. Scoring well on the GMAT, especially the quant section, can demonstrate to adcoms that you can handle the riggors of the 1st year.

My dilemna stems from the fact that they best I have ever done on a practice test was 710, which is only 30 points higher than my score now. If I take the test and score 700+, then it will have been worth it. If I take it and score in the 640 range, it would probably hurt my candidacy. I know that B-Schools say they only consider your best score, but they do get your official GMAT report, which has all the scores on it. My thought is that a much lower score will be held against me.

I called Kaplan to see if I could still invoke Higher Score Gaurantee and was told that I could attend a Kaplan class up to 3 months after my online access expired, which occurred May 3. Having the suppot of Kaplan and a structured class makes it easier for me to motivate myself to studying again. I am thinking that sometime in mid-July would be the best time to re-take the GMAT, as it gives me about 2 months to study. Quant will still be my section of concentration, but I am going to try and re-focus on verbal as well. One of the main problems I believe I encountered was not re-inforcing any verbal sections the week before I took the test. I believe this is why my verbal score was much lower than my normal verbal score. Striking the right balance between strengths and weaknesses is something that has been vexing to me since this started in January.

I am going to the Kaplan Center tonight to see if there is a local class that I would be able to slde into. If I do end up re-taking the course and re-taking the GMAT I will hold off on my overall review of Kaplan until my experience is complete.


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