Back from the weekend…

Back from the weekend feeling reinvigorated, refreshed, and ready to go! Got the call today that my higher score guarantee was accepted, so I will be trying to schedule a Kaplan course that meets Monday and Wednesday in the East Village.  I am very excited about starting studying again, because I believe that I have diagnosed what was good about the first go-around and what I needed to improve upon. I think the 3 weeks of self-study will be great because I know at the end of them is a trip to Sicily with my family. I see this as the carrot at the end of the stick for me, and should keep my motivated throughout the process.

There are two goals I have for this GMAT:

#1 – Score higher than 44 on Math, this is my highest score to date, and I can’t seem to break that 44 level

#2 – Better reflect my verbal ability on the tested portion.

I scored 48+ on multiple occasions during the prep process and fully expected to be there when I took the real thing. My 38 was the most disappointing part of the GMAT for me. I couldn’t be upset with the 44 in math because it tied my highest ever score, but my under-performance in verbal was vexing. The goal of every test taker should be to peak during the GMAT, and I just didn’t deliver in verbal. Alas, I continue on to fight the good fight and break 700. I know I can, I just have to put the in the time and effort. Happy studying to all…


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