Hump day jumps up and bites me…

Disaster…well not exactly disaster, but it’s one in the same. I was all set to leave work and go study, when I was invited to attend a colleague’s going away party. I was told there would be free food and drinks, so naturally I decided to go.  That ended at 7pm, but the party quickly reconstituted at a different bar in Hoboken. Before I knew it, it was 10pm…needless to say today is a bacon, egg, and cheese day.

There was one thing that did come of yesterday that was productive….I found out that Veritas Test Prep has a FREE iPhone/iPod Touch App, with 180 different questions. I tried some this morning (only easy questions) and they seemed to be pretty good. I didn’t want to get too involved with it because my head was fighting back for all the fun I had last night. This is awesome because it gives me something to do on my commute, which is typically wasted time.  Give me the holiday weekend to play with it and I will have a review of it on Monday. Happy 80s throw-back Thursday! I leave you with this, a great band, a great song, and an even better video:


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