War on the Young

CNBC’s Cliff Mason has this little story about a paradox that exists in today’s corporate America, laying off young people because companies are fearful of  being sued if they lay off older employees is incredible and ageist. I am not a big proponent of playing an -ist card, but this is ridiculously blatant. You have to ask yourself what these corporations are thinking…how bad/rigid is the management that they cannot see how bad this plan is? Young people are screwed on so many levels (health care, housing prices, low pay) and now we are being laid off because no one fears our legal rath. I say we grab our pitch forks and torches and head over to…wait, where the hell can we go to protest this? Oh well, I guess we just have to wait until all the Boomers retire to have a fair shake. Hmmm…sounds like a good time to get an MBA, huh.  Until tomorrow, I bid you adieu!


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