MBA Jobs, the waiting game

Business Week has this article which pretty much states that MBA who have jobs are being asked to pushed their start dates back by 3-6 months. This leaves the graduates with a nice dilemma because the gap in income leaves them high and dry. Some with job offers have begun looking for new jobs secretly, even though this is pretty looked down upon.

My view on this is that MBAs should be looking for new jobs, if their start date has been pushed back. If the company has not given you a signing bonus, I believe that MBAs are well within their rights to look for something new. If a company is not willing to invest in you now, then you shouldn’t be beholden to them.

All of this changes if the company has given you a signing bonus, or a relocation bonus because then you are receiving compensation for a future promise of work. It would be in poor taste for a person to accept a signing bonus and still continue to look for jobs. Temporary jobs would be fine as a way to plug the income gap until the new start date rolls around.


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