Veritas iPhone GMAT App

All those who have an iPhone and are studying for the GMAT must and I mean MUST go and download the new Veritas Prep App. This is a FREE app, so anyone who is really cheap about downloading apps (like me) can rejoice. The App is incredibly easy to use and has two different modes of questions. The first mode is called practice, which is an un-timed session of question & answer. The second is the the Test Mode, which will give you a certain amount of time to answer a specific number of questions. The question types can be selected and changed, along with the difficulty level of the questions.There are about 180 questions across all categories tested on the GMAT.

All of this makes for an extremely functional app, which gives me something to do on the train in the mornings and evenings. I would highly recommend getting this app if you have an iPhone, and if you don’t have an iPhone…Veritas materials are available here (kind of pricey, so why not buck up for an iPhone and just download the app for free?).


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  1. Hey guys, our company TakeFiveLabs developed the iPhone app for Veritas Prep and we’re excited for people to use it to prep for the GMAT. If you want to check it out, you can watch the screencast of how it works over at our website:

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