Weekend Practice GMAT Results

So it is an oft used sports cliche that a tie is like kissing your sister. That is pretty much how I felt this weekend after taking my practice test (minus the awkwardness I would hope someone would feel actually kissing their sister). When the score flashed on the screen it said 670 and disappointment ensued. It wasn’t until I looked at the score breakdown that I was somewhat pleased. The 670 was broken-up into a 47Q and a 36V. The good news was that I finally broke above 44Q, which I had yet to do on any practice test. The other reason for smiles was that I haven’t looked at verbal since I took my test almost a month ago now. I have been only working on the quant section for 2 weeks and have seen a slight bump in that scaled score. I am going to attribute the bump to the Manhattan GMAT books I bought, as they actually teach you the information, as opposed to Kaplan, which does, but not to this extent. A nice restful weekend and a nice math result…counting the days until I leave for Sicily (the 7th). Back with more this afternoon because for some reason I am the only one in the office today, everyone else is either sick or enjoying a leisurely day on the golf course. This speaks volumes about were I stand on the pecking order…but I have Sicily to look forward to, so not all bad.


5 Responses

  1. Good going there. Keep up the practice and your diligent preparation and soon you’ll see your scores escalating!!

    good luck.

  2. ah, weekend practice tests! aren’t they brutal sometimes? nice job on breaking 44Q. i’m stuck right about there myself — also a c/o 2012 applicant. good luck and enjoy sicily when you go! – best, ac from http://www.mbatrek.wordpress.com

    • Thanks for the wishes. It took me about 3 weeks to get to a 44Q, and then another 3 weeks to break through it. My best advice is to vary your studying routine and just keep working hard. I am sure you will get where you want to be…I linked your blog as well, some good stuff you got over there (everyone should check it out).

  3. […] tasks entailed in holding down a job and applying to an MBA program.  While 2012 MBA Applicant rolled up his sleeves with a GMAT practice test, HARI discussed taking the GMAT to the next level.  Meanwhile, Rocky Balboa is running up the art […]

  4. Haha ..good stuff. Its always suggested that you give about 10 practice test or more before you give the GMAT. This way you’re gonna get the best improvements..

    though i should let you know abt some tips 🙂

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