Back in the saddle again…

Just back from my trip to Sicily, which was great fun. I will have some pictures and such up sometime this week, so I can make everyone jealous. My return has reminded me that my GMAT is now 1 month away and my Kaplan course technically begins tomorrow (although I won’t be attending that class because it is the diagnostic test, which I have already taken). Monday and Wednesday until for 1 month, to go along with the HW and the Manhattan GMAT books I have. All of this must be done in 1 month. A daunting task, but one I am definitely ready to face. My vacation has given me a nice break from the constant Manhattan GMAT work I was doing before the trip.

Speaking of Manhattan GMAT, on the plane ride to and fro I read the Sentence Correction Manhattan GMAT book, which is by far the best resource on the topic that I have come across. This is especially true if you are shooting for a 700+ score because the book goes into a level of detail that I haven’t seen in any other test prep materials. Highly, highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to bolster their sentence correction skills. Back to the grind after work today, with more sentence correction on the docket (Official GMAT guide problems). Hope everyone had a restful and safe weekend, back later with some more thoughts and musings.


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