The MBA Tour

The MBA Tour is a great place to start, or hopefully cement, your MBA plans. I attended this event last year and thought that it was a great way to get a “feel” for each school that presented. I remember being really impressed with the NYU and Cornell presentations, and those probably pushed me towards applying to those schools. Not only is a great way to get to know the school, but you also have the opportunity to interact with adcoms. I met with Randall Sawyer, the director of admissions and financial aid, from the Johnson school and found him incredibly accessible. I felt so comfortable with him that I sent him an e-mail regarding how to better strengthen my candidacy. He replied pretty quickly and thoroughly. The point is that this is definitely something you should go to, even if you know what schools you are applying to. This is the type of event that will show schools that you are serious about learning about them, even if you can’t make it to each campus.


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