AWA Strategy – Argument Essay

I figured that because I did very well (6.0) on the AWA portion of the GMAT (not that it is that important) I would relay how I approached the essays. The argument essay was the easier of the two essays for me because I found that most of the argument essays had logic that was deeply flawed. This is how my essays would always breakdown:

Paragraph #1 – Restate the argument in my own words and state that it is flawed.

Paragraph #2 – Flaw #1 of the argument

Paragraph #3 – Flaw #2 of the argument

Paragraph #4 (if there was time) – Flaw #3 of the argument

Paragraph #5 (or 4 if I skipped Flaw #3) – What, if I knew, would strengthen the argument above (I usually included about 2-3 things and stated why it would bolster the argument)

Paragraph #6 – Conclusion…Sometimes I would tack this onto the end of paragraph #5, if my examples were lacking

That is how I did it. I am not advocating that everyone should do it like this, but I just wanted to put this out there as a template for people to use when running through their essays. I usually took about 5 minutes prior to writing to outline what I was going to say and organize my thoughts. I then took 5 minutes at the end to proofread. Anyone else have any tips on the argument essay? How did you get your 6.0? Share in the comments.


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