My mistakes from yesterday

I figured the easiest way to remember my mistakes is to put them on the blog. If I type them out, after writing them down, it will probably help me. This might not mean anything to anyone else, but it is something that I still think I should do. The following are not the principles that I missed, but what I learned from each problem I got wrong or the set of problems…


2. Don’t be intimidated by the algebra when picking numbers is too time consuming, YOU WERE RIGHT!

3. Time Management

4. Don’t immediately jump to an answer choice

5. Apparently informal word use is frowned upon on the GMAT, who knew?

Back with more stuff later…


5 Responses

  1. Here’s another:

    Know when to cut your losses.

    There are a number of good books that can help you get up to speed on the GMAT.

    And when you say time management, make sure you’re thinking AVERAGE… it doesn’t matter if Q1 takes you 4 min and Q15 takes you 30 sec, as long as the average works. Too many people focus on individual problem times. You don’t get extra points for finishing early.

    (I’m assuming you’re talking GMAT)

    • JulyDream – Thanks for the words of advice. This was my first timed exorcise since I took a practice GMAT a while back, so my timing was not very good and it caused me to have to rush the last 3 problems that I had. Keeping a rhythm is pretty important and doing timed exercises helps me know (at least in my head) when to guess and when I have more time. Thanks for the comments and thanks for reading!

  2. Great way to review!!! You are doing great pal!!

  3. Practice tests as much as possible. GMAT provides official software, but I’d also recommend tests – very useful (both questions and explanations)

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