NYU Essays 2009-2010

Click here…no surprises on the essay front, but just their publication has got a daunting feeling churning in the pit of my stomach.

Essay #2 was the only one to change, I think for the better. NYU is very big on “fit” and these changes will surely give the adcoms an idea of if you have done your homework and if you “fit” into the Stern community. Hopefully I will….


Verbal Strategy

I was sitting on the train yesterday and I was thinking about why my verbal score had declined from a peak of 52 to 38 on the actual GMAT. I hadn’t changed any of my verbal study habits, so I was perplexed as to why this drop occurred. I was playing with my iPhone when I think I discovered the root of my problem. I remember during my verbal hot streak that I was reading a book on my iPhone (Bram Stoker’s Dracula). Could it be that simple? Could reading increase my verbal score by 14 points? I don’t know if that is the true answer, but it is the working hypothesis I am currently operating under. This morning I started reading The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. I am hoping that by reading everyday I will train my brain to think in proper English, and not the slang that is used on a daily basis. Has anyone else tried this? Think it might work? Think it is a stupid idea? Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I didn’t have much to say…still reveling in the U.S.’s improbable victory over Spain in the Confederation’s Cup. I am probably the only person who cares about this, but here are the highlights: