GMAT Score Analysis

Since I have no idea how to paste the graph I made of this into the blog, I leave you with this “chart.” It shows my scores over the last twelve tests that I have taken, from my first round of studying, through the GMAT, and now onto this round. My Quant score has gone up tremendously and has been on a pretty steady upward trend. My verbal on the other hand has fallen off the lofty perch that was 52. A table is slightly less cooler than the graph I had, but alas. It still makes me feel good about where I came from.

Quant     Verbal

32               36

36               43

32               41

36               52

37               31

44               33

44               50

44               43

36               50

44               38

47               36

48                37


2 Responses

  1. Hi Steve,

    Great improvement in Quant. And 50 in verbal, oh boy. I really envy that score. Where did you take these tests from? Can you also list down the test names. That would be great.


  2. Sree,

    Thanks for the comment and the encouragement. These are all Kaplan tests, as I took their GMAT Prep course, but tonight I am actually going to take one of the free tests from, so I will make that distinction in my post tomorrow. Thanks for reading let me know if you have any more questions.


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