Weekend Practice GMAT Results

Saturday morning I sat down to take my first practice test in probably 2-3 weeks. Here are the results:

Score: 690

Q: 48

V: 37

Math is on the March! My math has significantly improved over the course of studying for this test. I have principally focused on math during this second round of studying, so the fact that it had risen so much is quite heartening. I have now reached the pivotal 80% & 80% threshold. I couldn’t be happier with my math score

Verbal Flat-line…My verbal score has crested and fallen since I began my studies, and now seems to be settling around the 37-38 range. I would probably say that the amount of attention that Math has been getting is really hurting my verbal score. I can’t seem to find a balance that would have both scores increasing…anyone have any hints, thoughts?

How do you make sure that both sections are increasing and you aren’t participating in a zero sum game where score gains in one area are wiped out by a decreasing score in the other area? All in all I am pleased with the results, but I would really like to get my verbal score back into the mid to high 40s. Back later with some trend analysis on my scores. Hope you had a great weekend!


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