MBA – Family Style

Just read this Business Week article, which has advice for those who are looking to pursue an MBA, while having a family. It analyzes all the additional factors that should go into making the decision of what MBA program is best for you an you family. Geography, job prospects, finances, and where to live are all part of the article. It also makes special note of looking for MBA programs that are “family friendly,” meaning schools that have a support group for spouses and children.

While I don’t have any children yet, I will have a spouse when B-School comes around and it certainly makes the decision a tougher one. My bride to be has a great job in the NYC area, so if I were to go anywhere else, she would have to give that up. That being said, she has been incredible throughout the beginning of this process and is supporting my decision to attend B-School no matter where I end up. I think that I will probably take the advice of the article and bring her on any campus visits that I take and any admitted student weekends. This should give her a comfort level and an understanding of the different school options that I have. It will also make the final decision much easier because it is something that we are going to have to talk about and decide together. This is a very exciting time in my life, and I want it to be an exciting time in her’s as well.

Anyone going to B-School with an extra wheel, or maybe more? How do you plan to handle this challenge. Any advice for me?


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