Practice GMAT Fail and Test Re-Scheduling

So, I wanted to take a practice test this weekend, but found out that the practice tests do not work on a Mac. BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Seriously, how do people make programs that don’t run on Macs? Especially a product, which appeals to the sub 40 age range, who are the most prevalent Mac users. Enough with my rant, but needs to get its act together!

In reviewing where I am in my GMAT preparations I decided to re-schedule my test for August 13th. The reason stems from the fact that the Kaplan course I am taking is consuming me. Having class every Monday and Wednesday until 9, and then getting home at 10:30 doesn’t leave me with much time to study on those days. I figure that I can use some extra time after the course is over mid-July to ramp up my solo study efforts. I also want to be consistently scoring in the 700+ range, and I have yet to achieve that.

My only concern about the re-scheduling is that it won’t leave me with much time to put my application for Columbia together. I suppose strengthening that application is more important than taking my sweet ass time with it….I believe it leaves me with 8 weeks to finish it before the ED deadline. That should be plenty, but I am feeling extremely lethargic this morning coming off a holiday weekend. Happy Monday to all!


4 Responses

  1. steve,

    make sure u get ur kaplan instructor to prep u well on the tough quant problems. i found the quant (especially the ds) on the actual test way tougher than the og problems. a lot of people are reporting the same on btg/other forums im following.

    all the best for ur preps!

  2. Thanks for the comment and the suggestion. Just saw you got 740, great score. Hopefully I can turn my 690 into a 740 as well!

  3. all the very best steve!

  4. Dont loose your spirit pal.. Its more important to put your best foot forward. So even if it leaves you with 8 weeks you’ll have a gorgeous GMAT score that wont hold back your prospects..

    All the very best !!!

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