Lessons Learned 7/8/09

A couple of weeks back I said that I was starting an on-line error log….but I didn’t. One entry does not an error log make. So while this will interest no one except myself, I move forward with the error log. Errors for the day include:

  1. Don’t do math in your head (you’re not that smart!)
  2. Estimate when answer choices are not that close together (they don’t expect you to do tough math)
  3. You can take the square root of scientific notation (who knew? Not me obviously!)
  4. Distance = Rate * Time (The formula is there, so use it!

Have a wonderful night, and good luck with your studies, may they be more error free than mine!

P.S.  Created an Error log page, so I can group them all in one place. Check them out and see how dumb I am!


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