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Like a bucket of cold water to the face it hit me….640 (43Q and 34V), huh, 640? I looked twice, three times even and that is still what it said. I think I went through all the stages of grief in about 10 seconds, but I came out of it resolved to do better. I sat there after the test thinking about where I go from here and there were two things that I could think of.

#1 – Holy shit, the test is much harder than any of the Kaplan tests I have taken.

#2 – I haven’t had enough time to study because of the Kaplan course I am taking. The first time I took Kaplan, my classes were on the weekend, which gave me time to study during the week. I don’t have as much time during the week because I have class twice.

The results from these two thoughts are that I am only going to attend 1 class a week and get back to taking 1 CAT a week. I also have to get back to the error log, which I have not been doing religiously. My plan is to split time evenly between Quant and Verbal (2 days a piece) and take a CAT on either Saturday or Sunday. I am also going to be taking the CATs the last two weeks before the test, so I know where I truly stand.

Have any of you hit a rut like I have here? How did you pick yourself up and get moving back towards your goal? Any advice for me?


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  1. ouch. 640 is a rough score. the upside is that it was only a practice and now you can review the exam. use the error log to record the types of questions you got wrong AND right. good luck man!

  2. Thank you sir. 640 is not exactly what I was expecting, but it is only a practice test and there is no where to go but up from here. It is just disappointing that 2 weeks ago I was at 690 on the Kaplan tests…what went wrong I wonder? I guess that is what the error log is for…

    Welcome back from the weekend, sounds like you had a great one!

  3. That would have hurt but dont loose hope.. In a way now you know your weaknesses and know what the GMAT is capable of throwing at you.. Prepare well and i think you have learnt a lot from this experience. BTW are you using the Official Guides for practice. The reason is i was not a huge fan of the Kaplan questions as they differed from the GMAT and the practice tests. Practice using the Official guides and you would definitely improve a lot!!!

  4. Thanks for the tip of the OG. I have probably been relying on Kaplan too much for GMAT Prep, so reworked my schedule for the next 5 weeks to accommodate more OG and less Kaplan.

  5. Hey there–I used both sets of books along with the Manhattan GMAT guides. If you have a 640 now, there should be plenty of time to get the score up. Good luck!


  6. steve,

    i recommend mgmat sc/cr/rc for scoring a 40 or thereabouts in verbal.

    since i did not do much quant, i will refrain from commenting on that.

    all the best! the thing with the gmat is that it is a game of confidence. if you have the slightest self-doubt, keep it aside for those 3.5 hours. just tell urself ur gonna ace it!

  7. Thanks Rock….confidence was definitely lacking on that test and it probably had something to do with the low score. Telling yourself that you are as prepared as possible is a big part of test day, that is why I pushed my date back because I wouldn’t have been able to say that if I was taking it next week.

  8. yeah steve! take it when u feel ready.

    u already have a 680. so take it without any pressure. and do not attach any sentimental reasons to get a good score.

    i was ice cold during my take. the emotions only came once i had finished.

    im sure ul do well! 13 is my lucky number! il cheer for ur good luck on the day!

  9. Some great advice from the rest of the commenters here. Kaplan’s tests definitely differ a LOT from the real test, and they will generally overstate your score if you’ve taken their prep course. (The people who write their tests are the same ones who write their curriculum… so their advice will definitely work on their own tests!)

    Good luck, and mix up your prep with Manhattan and OG stuff as much as you can.

  10. One should not be bogged down by practice test scores. ‘I will get it’ attitude is all that is needed on the D-day. I have seen the very highs and the lows in the practice tests.

    All the best with your test.

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