Will Yu be my mentor?

Scanning the news for some MBA goodies and came across this article about a JPM associate, Yu Tian, who is quitting and going to get his MBA. The article is interesting enough, but what caught my eye was his need for a mentor. That got me thinking about my situation and how a mentor might be what I need. There are many questions I have about my career and I believe I would truly benefit from the relationship and guidance that a mentor would provide. How does one go about obtaining a mentor (Mentor Store?) and who is qualified to be a mentor? Those are the two main questions that I have….I am going to do some digging and speak to a few people and see where I get with that. I figured I would open up the question to you guys…anybody have a mentor, know a mentor, or just think a Mentor Store would be a great idea? Let hear it…Happy Monday, isn’t work great! (hopefully obvious sarcasm)


3 Responses

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  2. Steve,

    Looking for a Mentor store? did you check out http://www.gmatix.com/tutretrieve.php?x=0 This site has a long list of mentors. you can check to see if there is mentor in the list close by. I got my tutor from this site.

    Things to look for in a tutor:
    1. Prior tutoring experience – ideally with some test prep company,
    2. References,
    3. Does he have a solution for your problem
    4. His/her background or score in GMAT.

    Hope that helps..

  3. Thanks for the info Hari…have a great weekend!!!

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