Tennessee Rewind – Terrible Cherokees, Mini-Golf Champion, and Trying Hikes

Family Reunion weekend done, over, goodbye…I consider it a very successful one, as I only attempted suicide once: during a performance by Cherokee Indians, in what can only be described as a high school play. It was terrible, so if you ever wander into Tennessee please stay away from any American Indian performances, just in case it is the one that I witnessed. If it is impossible to avoid such a play I would keep all sharp objects and neck ties away from yourself during the “performance.”

Other than that episode the vacation was rather nice. White water rafting, miniature golf (family champion, btw…), and lots and lots of southern food. The highlight of the trip was the Smokey Mountain hike that we did as a family, which consisted of a 4+ mile rock trail( I swear it seemed to be up hill both ways!) that led to a “bald” (a mountain summit lacking trees). The family was under time constraints because we just had to get to the Cherokee performance, so we rushed hurriedly through the trail to find the bald and the breath-taking view that would ensue. After arriving at the bald, sweating and panting, we come to find out that it wasn’t a bald at all because there were trees there and they happened to block our breath-taking view. We then had to basically run back to where we parked the car to make it to the Cherokee show. I don’t know why this was the highlight because in writing this out it certainly doesn’t sound fun, somehow it was.

Nothing new on the GMAT to report, as I had no time to do stuff this weekend. The “exciting” news I promised will have to wait for next week, sorry for the tease, but nothing I can do yet about it. Hope everyone’s studying is going well and essyaing writing is starting to take shape. Back later with more.


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