Down but not out!

This morning is one of those mornings that you wish you could simply hit the fast-forward button on….It all starts last night at Zepplin Hall, a new biergarten in Jersey City. I had never indulged in German beer before, so this was certainly an eye-opening experience for me. I had some Leffe Brown Ale and some Riverhorse Double Wit (both excellent!). The problem with that was my underestimation of the power of those beers and the quantity in which they are served. Needless to say this morning is a tough one for me. I was able to choke down a bagel and I am drinking water like someone who had wandered the desert for 20 years, but to no avail. This is natures way of telling you that you are an idiot and should probably learn from this experience. Maybe this is something I can use during my admissions interview to demonstrate a time when I failed and what I learned…somehow I don’t think it would be as impressive as something from my job, but it would be memorable none the less. Happy Friday, this will probably be the last post of the day, so I can try and conserve energy to try and get through today. Booo hangovers caused by copious amounts of German beer!!!!!!!!!!


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