Monday Musings…

Back from the weekend and all the rain that it brought. In an attempt to get away from the weather we have been having in the northeast, and to avert a subsequent suicide attempt I went to the beach this weekend…or attempted to. I went to the bustling metropolis of Toms River, NJ and attempted to drive to the beach with my fiancé and her family. The problem with this idea was that every single person in a 20 miles radius had the exact same idea. We sat in traffic for about 40 minutes and only went about 1 mile….needless to say we turned around and headed back to her parent’s house. At this point I haven’t seen the sun in so long that my eyes are sensitive to natural light and my skin looks like the creepy albino from the Da Vinci Code.

Moving onto other topics:

I found this article on how one should attack the RE-application process. The article states that what the schools are looking for is growth in a candidate, whether it be in GMAT scores, extracurriculars, or work experience/leadership. This would seem to be pretty common sense, as it would be silly to simply re-apply after not attempting to improve your candidacy at all, but the real question is how to find out what your weaknesses are? I am obviously not a admissions consultant, but I would think that if you are looking for weaknesses and they are not apparent to you, then you should hand your application packet off to an objective third party and have them evaluate you (Your mom/dad does not count as objective). I would also think that it should be someone who had gone/is going/or is in business school (presumably at the same level school you would like to attend).

One last item, completely unrelated to an MBA. Michael Phelps is a freak athlete and his performance in Rome the past week was great. He went head-to-head with Cavic again and it produced this thrilling finish….

Have a wonderful start to the week!


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  2. Some applicants reapply without demonstrating their growth because they believe the admissions committee simply made a mistake by not admitting them the first time. Based on my experience as an admissions director and an admissions consultant to MBA applicants the best way to determine the weaknesses in your application is to seek feedback from an experienced MBA admissions committee member. General feedback from other MBA applicants, students and graduates may be useful but only someone who has read hundreds or thousands of applications in a decision-making capacity can provide objective and relevant perspective.

  3. Thanks a lot for reading the blog Debra….I think the advice is great!

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