Wednesday Rewind (Veritas Edition)

So I have been promising exciting news and today is the day that I deliver….I actually have two peices of wonderful news.

#1 – I have been asked by the magazine/website Business Because to write some exclusive content, so be on the lookout for that

#2 – After seeing how well HARI is doing with his tutor and seeing how much essay review helped xlick, I decided that I should go with both of them. After doing some research on packages that included private tutoring and Admissions Consulting I chose Veritas Prep.

This is going to become a weekly feature that details my experience with Veritas and will hopefully provide others with some insight on the pro and cons of using one of these services. So without further ado, I give you my first Veritas summary (sorry about the length, as these will probably be pretty long):

**Disclaimer** The names of those involved have been changed, poorly abbreviated, or turned into nicknames to protect the innocent

Saturday August 1st (4:30pm):

I receive a call from the person who has been selected as my Admissions Consultant, lets call her Yoda (she is the master and I am the student, poor Star Wars reference for those who are not as dorkily inclined as myself). The call was setup to go through the information that I had provided Veritas and so Yoda could get a feel for what type of candidate I was. Yoda was extremely personable and the conversation flowed very naturally. She went to Booth and now resides in Texas.  We started out by going over my background information (location, previous and current job, and extras), but then quickly got into the meat of the discussion. Yoda began to detail my weaknesses as a candidate (but also pointing out strengths).

While I had a firm grasp about some of my weaknesses (GPA, lack of work experience, slightly lower GMAT score), I don’t think i ever heard them laid out together in such a short amount of time…panic begins to set in. She then begins asking me the questions like, why MBA, why now, why each of the schools you have mentioned (I get 3 schools with this comprehensive package)…I am now full blown panic mode because if I am struggling to relay my thoughts and experiences to Yoda what would happen in front of an adcom???? I am calmed down when Yoda begins to detail how she would attack each question. She isn’t giving me answers, or making up things, but rather using some of the information I have provided her to formulate an effective answer. I think she know me better than me at this point! After a lengthy (1hr +) discussion about all things MBA related we left the conversation and she told me that she would send me a document detailing all of the things we went over, so I could begin to formulate my thoughts for the essays that are to come.

While frightening, this was a really great talk because it showed me that I really have to begin to answer the tough questions about myself, which might take a little deeper look into who I am and what I want. Session #1 with Yoda was definitely something I needed and it will serve me well with the upcoming essay season approaching.

Sunday August 2nd  (4:00pm):

I sit in Lenny’s Sandwich Shop, across from the 9th street Path station in NYC, waiting to meet my GMAT tutor JB. We have arranged to meet at this locale every Sunday and Tuesday at 4 and 6, respectively. I am always early, no matter where I go, it is one of the obsessions I have…I loathe tardiness, so I got there about 15 minutes prior to our meeting. As I sat there sipping my Strawberry Banana smoothie I am on the look-out for someone who could be my GMAT tutor. After a few minutes, and a few awkward moments of eye catching with some men who were not my GMAT tutors, in walks JB. He is a young scruffy looking (although he pulls it off nicely, sorry ladies he is taken, engaged actually) guy with some fashionable D&B glasses and a nondescript T-shirt. What you wouldn’t know by looking at him is that he wacked the GMAT upside its head with a 770 and currently attends NYU Stern, which is now my #1 choice.

As we settle into the GMAT tutoring I can tell that I am going to really like his teaching style. I am the type of person that if you show me why something is wrong it won’t sink in until I actually do it wrong and see the err of my ways. JB will let me hang myself without making a peep, but will then walk me through exactly why I got it wrong. We worked on Quant during the first day and did a myriad of problem types with different difficulties, so JB could learn how I think about problems and dissect why I am getting them wrong. I think we are going to work very well together and I hope my GMAT score reflects that….BTW because of this I pushed the GMAT back to September 19th, which gives me about 2-3 weeks to work  on my own after tutoring ends. To end the session I picked his brain about why he chose Stern and how he liked it. He also told me that he is the CFO of a clean-tech startup company…so NYU must have done him pretty well.

Tuesday August 4th (6:00PM)

Back at Lenny’s and back to a fruit smoothie…JB rolls in right on time, looking like he hadn’t slept in a couple (because he hadn’t) and we get to work on verbal. Now I would like to think, without bragging, that I am pretty good at verbal, but the way that JB teaches verbal and the way that Kaplan teaches verbal are pretty different. Without trying to dis the Kappers of the world, I prefer the Veritas/JB method. Instead of going on my intuition, because I didn’t like the Kaplan methods, I am now starting to use some the more analytical techniques to attack the verbal section. I thought I was good at CR, but after trying these new methods I was a little unsure of myself and was taking much more time than I normally would on them.

At first I thought that it was a bad thing, but as I began to use some the hints and tricks I began to do them quicker and they became more natural to me. JB says that it is pretty common for someones score to go down after the first few sessions and then rocket back up because you are just getting used to how to use the methods, so you are not as adept at them as you should be. I am pretty confident that this tutoring will give me what I need to shoot past the 700 mark, but even JB reminded me that he can only take me so far and the majority of my gains will come from the work that I put in.

My first experiences could not have been better and I am looking forward to what next week will hold! (Again, sorry for the long post, but intros are always longer than expected) Have a happy hump day!


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