It beings…

The essays begin this weekend…I am starting the NYU essays this weekend. Yoda and I have decided that I am going to have the first round of essays to her by Aug. 25th, but I think I can have them done before that. I am starting with NYU essay #3(describe yourself to your Stern classmates), as I think I have a pretty good idea for what I want to write. I will then start #2 (personal experience with Stern, what excites you about Stern, and what impact do you hope to make) and finish with #1(choices you have made, why MBA, and career goals). Once I am done with NYU I am going to move onto Cornell, which I also hope to have first drafts done by the end of August.This should give me enough time to get my apps in by the 3rd week of September, which consequently is when I am re-taking my GMAT.

The last thing I am going to this for the week is speak with my recommenders and make sure that we are on track for that time frame. I don’t think I have spoken about them, but one is a co-worker/manager (his role is in transition to manager) and the other rec is going to come from my former manager. My only concern about this is I won’t have face-to-face access to my former manager as he is in Philadelphia, so I am really trusting him to be on point and get the rec done in the allotted time. Leaving a part of my application to someone else is really nerve racking because it is a huge wild card in an otherwise extremely focused and structured process.

Hope your studying and essays are going well…one more day to go until the weekend!