The race has just begun (but thank God it’s over)

The weekend was spent in preparation of the 5k in Ocean City, NJ this weekend. The run was to raise money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America. Almost 1400 people showed up to run/walk the course, so I hope that it was a great success for the charity and all those involved in setting up the event. On to an analysis of my performance…If I had to sum it up I would say it was mildly sucking, ever so mildly. My time was 27:30, which is not very good, but I was happy with it because I hadn’t run in over a year. Two years ago I finished in the low 25s, I definitely have some work to do.

While running the race I couldn’t help but draw a comparison to the admissions process. There were about 5 times that i just wanted to give up and stop running, but that was not an option for me. I knew that if I stopped I would be angry with myself because I knew I could finish, but it was going to hurt quite a bit. Whenever I don’t want to study or write an essay (which I did this weekend btw), I can just think back to this experience and draw inspiration from it. Running a race is about pushing yourself as hard as your body will allow you to, I just hope I have equipped my “body” with enough ammo to get into B-School.

I beat my father, so I have that to gloat about as well. I had nothing to do with beating him, but rather it was God who intervened…my dad started getting some heart palpitations and had to slow down somewhat, although he did finish. A heartless way to win, but I know he would have done the same, had I pulled up with some ailment. What a relationship we have! On a sour note, my younger brother beat the crap out of both of us to the tune of 26:07…bastard. Just wait until next year…hopefully all the work I put in will payoff in the race that has just begun!