Wednesday Rewind (Veritas edition)

The past week has seen some good progress made, some strengths reinforced, and some weaknesses exposed. This is my second installment of the riveting weekly series that no one can get enough of….not really, but we can pretend.

Admissions Consulting:

Two major things happened this week on the ad. consulting front:

1. NYU Essay #3 1st draft is complete!

This was my Saturday night…very depressing, I know. But with everyone out of the house I could sit down and concentrate on what exactly I wanted to get across to the ad coms. Weaving a story throughout your essays is very important and a personal essay like #3 is a great way to start your story.

I started by sitting down and much like an AWA essay, I brainstormed all the things that I would like to convey about myself. I widdled that list down to the things I could work into a personal essay and then eliminated all but the 2 most important points I wanted the ad com to get from this essay (BTW- I did an essay, not a drawing or anything exceptionally creative). Once this was done, actually writing the essay is the easiest part. The hardest part is going to be going through the revisions until my essays are one cohesive unit, but that is for a later post.

2. Recommendation Heartburn

So, as stated, I spoke with both of my recommenders and I got an interesting comment from one of them…he said that he was too busy to think about it now, but he assured me that it would get done in time. While I know that he is doing me a favor by writing a rec for me, this isn’t exactly the type of drive and enthusiasm that I would expect from someone who is going to say great things about me. I understand that people are busy and that this is ancillary to his normal job function, but you would think that he could maybe start to work on it during a weekend when he has nothing to do?

So I shot Yoda an e-mail and asked her what she thought. She said that she was concerned that this person might not write me the best recommendation possible because it seems like his heart is not into it. I told her that I would speak with him again about it and make a decision based on his reply. So that will have to wait for the next update. (I am sure you are all waiting with baited breath for the outcome!)


Sentence Correction – This is the bane of my verbal existence. My main problem is that I am pretty good on the easy questions, but I struggle on the harder ones. The reason for these struggles has been my approach to the sentence correction section of GMAT. I would normally read the sentence and say, “Hey, that sounds wrong; what sounds right?” While it might work for idiom errors, it certainly doesn’t work on the more complex S/C problems. So, J to the B has been helping me deconstruct sentences into their primary and ancillary parts, so I can better attack sentence correction section. The past two sessions have been a large amount of sentence correction and I do feel that I am starting to get the hang of why things are wrong.

I can still use my ear to say, “something is wrong here,” but using the 3-2 splits in the answer choices is an easy way to decide what exactly does sound right. The trick is being able to justify why I though I particular answer choice was correct. As the two sessions progressed, I think the number of times I had grammatical answers to the question increased dramatically. As you do more problems you tend to notice patterns of common errors, which you can then apply to future problems that you work on.

JB is off to travel the world for the next week or so, and I have been tasked with studying, writing my essays, and starting to take practice tests…An in depth quant review awaits upon JB’s return!


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