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MBA Job Tip (Sarcasm to follow)

This is absolute gold from Dealbreaker…I hope you all read Dealbreaker because if you don’t, you should. As a self-described Wall Street tabloid, please don’t take them reporting anything as “news,” it should be taken with a grain of salt and is usually good for a laugh to get you through the day.

Business Schools Offer Students Hot Job Seeking Tips

Posted by Bess Levin, Aug 17, 2009, 1:40pm

Actually it’s just one tip but if used wisely should be all you need. It’s really only intended to be shared with MBA-candidates who paid the privilege but for a limited-time only it’s being passed on to even the peasants among us. Here it comes. Tell me if you’re ready. Are you ready? Are you ready for the noise? Are you ready for the thunda? Are you ready to have the artist known as your soon to be formerly unemployed ass rocked? ‘Cause I’m laying this on you, NOW: beg your parents to get you a job. Boom. Done. Set for life.

Do mom and dad not have anything to offer in the way of a paycheck? All is not lost. After severing ties with those worthless pricks, devote all energy to S’ing the D’s of distant relatives and/or your more well-connected friends’ parents.

So far, Elon has forged alliances with major finance powerhouses and boutiques alike. The school’s executive director of career services, Tom Vecchione, says he often advises students not to shy away from tangential family contacts. “Hey, maybe you know Billy,” he tells them. “But do you know what Billy’s dad does?”

Hope this was helpful.


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