Wednesday Rewind (Mix Tape Edition)

No Veritas write-up this week, as my tutor is off gallivanting through Europe….but I do have an essay update, so their is a slight hint of Veritas on this Wednesday. A couple important things happened/are going to happen this week, which are detailed below:

1. NYU Essay #2 draft #1, complete. For me this seemed like it would be the easiest of all the essays, as all I had to do was detail why I liked NYU, how I got to know NYU, and what I could bring to NYU. Seems simple enough, right? Right???? 500 words, the bane of my existence. The main problem that I ran into was that I had too many interactions, things I like about NYU, and ideas about how to better NYU. I would liken it to a large amount of water trying to fit through an extremely small hole…there was too much pressure building up. I had trouble controlling and focusing to get my best thoughts/experiences on to the page. Somewhat frustrating, but in the end I think it is pretty good for a first run. (It is 504 words, don’t tell anyone….I’m such a rebel). My admissions consultant, Yoda, also checked in to see how I was getting on with the essays….August 25th, first due date for her. Shouldn’t be a problem.

2. I have worked myself into a great flow with doing problems during the week. Whereas I used to have Monday for S/C, and Tuesday for D/S, etc…I know do a few of each, every day. The problem with the segmentation was that if I had something to do after work or had to get drinks with colleagues, it would be another whole week until I worked on that subject again. I think that might have led to some of the stagnation that I was experiencing.

3. Fantasy Football draft tonight….very important. I have the first pick, I am probably going to take Adrian Peterson. Is there anything sadder than grown men getting together in a small apartment in NYC to “draft” a fake team to fulfill their long-lost sports dreams. There is only one thing I can think of, which is when I get together with my dad and his friends to do fantasy baseball. I lead a sad, sad life…

4. I leave you with this to get you through  your Wednesday…the best of Murray Hewitt ), you probably have to watch the show (Flight of the Conchords) to appreciate it, so go watch it and then come back to reflect on how great he is


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  2. Short essays are the worst! I’d take a 1,000 or 2,000 word essay any day over 500 words. In my experience, it seems like there are ALWAYS more things to squeeze in.

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