Weekend Recap

This weekend was all about essays. No studying or practice tests, only essays. I have grown to hate them…and I still have 1 more to go! Although it was painful, I was able to slog through the majority of my essays and I think they are in a fairly good working order before I submit them to my admissions consultant, who I lovingly refer to as Yoda, for her knowledge of the admissions process is roughly similar to that of Yoda and The Force. Hopefully she will like them as much as I do (probably won’t) and I will only have minimal corrections to make. This would allow me to really concentrate on studying for the GMAT…

Speaking of the GMAT (love that transition!), I get back into my tutoring this week with two of my last three sessions (Tuesday, Sunday, Tuesday). My tutor, JB, has returned from sunning himself with his fiance and her family, so I look forward to seeing him. This is my last push before the GMAT (Sept. 19th) and I want it to get off on the right foot.  I need to start scoring 700+ on the practice tests soon, so I can have full confidence walking into the testing center.

Speaking of confidence (I did it again!), my favorite soccer (or football, if you are from anywhere other than the US) team the NY Red Bulls are pretty much the equivalent of a broken clock because they are perpetual losers, except for one or two times they have almost achieved greatness. Last year the team was in the MLS Cup Finals and I couldn’t have been happier, but this year the team fell flat on its face. The season reached a tipping point last week, as the head coach resigned, after a 13 match losing streak! Armed with a new coach and a new sense of confidence the Red Bulls pulled off a 3-2 win vs. FC Dallas, despite being down a man. Kudos to NYRB and hope everyone had a good weekend!


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