Wednesday Rewind (Veritas Edition)

Back in the saddle again! It just didn’t feel the same when I didn’t have any Veritas things to talk about, but JB is back and I couldn’t be happier. I have really begun to enjoy our sessions together because I learn a tremendous amount and JB is a really great guy (a budding bromance perhaps???) So without further adieu…the week that was:


I am always early. Everywhere I go I try to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before a meeting or a reservation. Tardiness is one of my biggest pet peeves and I am currently shuddering as I type the word. I don’t know why, I am not really obsessive about anything else, but God help you if you make me late…one of the great things about JB is that he is ALWAYS on time. We meet every week at a little sandwich shop in Greenwich Village, and at 6:00 on the dot he walks through the door. It is almost as if he drops down from the sky exactly at 6. Some people might not notice this, but it is amazing to me because I am obessesed with timeliness. It would be one thing if he was always early, a man after my own heart, but he never shows up 1 minute before or 1 minute after 6…incredible.

That rant had nothing to do with what actually occurred, so let me try this again…Algebra and Geometry are on tap for the week. These are the building blocks of the GMAT. Master them and a good Quant score is all but guaranteed. JB always reminds me that being great at the hard questions doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get the easy ones correct. Something as simple as this is a very powerful statement because it is very true. I can study all the combination/permutation/probability I want, but if I don’t get algebra and geometry correct, I will never see one of those problems (I assume).

Another critical (slight hyperbole, but still important) breakthrough this week was the discovery of one of my greatest weaknesses. My own mind…JB pointed out to me that the mistakes I make the most are not due to lack of concepts, but rather they are stupid arthimetic mistakes. My mind is racing to find an answer to the problem that I turn  a 6X into a  7X or 8X and this ruins the problem for me. We discussed how to slow my pace on quant problems and rechecking my work after it is done (I feel like I am back in 3rd grade). I am going to try this strategy during the my weekend practice test (probably Saturday) and I will let you know how it works out.


Yoda is currently digesting all the crap that I sent her way yesterday (my first drafts for Cornell and NYU). She is so great, I sent her 6 essays that would probably put any normal person to sleep and her response was, “Comments will follow soon.” How great is she? All business, I love it! Now I don’t want you to get the picture of her as some robotic being without personality, she is actually quite personable when talking about admissions things. I liken her comment to the starting quarterback telling the coach, “I got this,” before going on to engineer a game winning drive. Hopefully together we can put one in the endzone and get into one of these schools…Who else is pumped up???? Anyone? Just me? OK, well that is all for the rewind this week…happy hump day!