Weekend Rewind

Recession, what recession??? If my weekend was any indication, we have chased the recession away like a dog with its tail between its legs. My weekend consisted of nothing but studying/taking a practice test and eating meals out.

Friday after work, me and the little Mrs. (to be) took a walk over to the local sushi establishment. It is called Robongi and it is inside the NY Waterway Terminal, so when dining you have a great view of Manhattan (very posh!). This is our favorite spot, especially on a Friday, when cooking is the last thing I want to think about. It has become almost a Friday tradition, and it has gotten to the point where they know us and they give us free dessert. For the past few months Robongi has been a cold desolate place, and quite often there were only a few couples in the restaurant. This past Friday however, there was a sea of people chowing down on raw fish…what has changed? The only thought I have is that consumer confidence it on the up swing and the American public is going to go back to its ways of consuming things like a drunken sailor. One instance is too little to judge this one, so that brings me to Saturday night.

Saturday night was the big rehearsal dinner prep, with my parents. The meal went really well and everyone agreed that this had to be the place for the rehearsal. The one thing I did notice was that the place was packed! We went to an early dinner because my parents have a 2+ hours drive back home, so we decided to head over around 6. I thought this would be more than ok, and we would pass all of the elderly exiting after the early bird special. I didn’t make reservations because I can’t remember the last time I needed them at a restaurant, and we were only 5 people. Granted we didn’t have to wait, but we got the last table that would seat 5+. What was going on here, was two places the beginning of a trend?

Sunday….Brunch in Hoboken. Taking the prior two days as a sign, I made reservations. Good freaking thing I did because people where clubbing each other to get into this buffet. At this point I can not deny that this is occurring. Restaurants are becoming more crowded, and I couldn’t be any more unhappier about it. If this trend continues, I might have to invent a financial product that will bring the entire economy down again. Anyone else want in on that one?

Turing back to my GMAT prep…Saturday morning, 8:00am, I took a Veritas Practice test and scored a 680. I really seem to be stuck in this area, and I have no idea why. My breakdown was 40Q, 48V. I feel like the GMAT is a seesaw and if I do well on Quant, I don’t do well on Verbal, or vice versa. My only solace, is the fact that my tutor and I are moving into the more refined areas of the quant section, so hopefully this pushes my score ever higher (A little sneak preview for the Wednesday Rewind, although this week is going to be a Thursday Rewind). 700, the bane of my existence!

Essays are on tap for the week…there was much rejoicing!