Beat the GMAT

According to this article (because I can’t access the site directly from work) Beat the GMAT is re-launching its site to include advice from top GMAT and MBA consultants. This is obviously a great resource, if the site stays free for everyone…which I believe it will. The site was a very good tool for applicants as it was, and this should only re-enforce the site as a must visit for applicants.

Another good read this morning is from my boy HARI, as he gives his two cents on the cost vs. ROI debate that is ever present in the MBA application process.

The normal Wednesday Rewind has been pushed back until tomorrow, so be on the look out for that. I can’t believe it is only Wednesday…this week is moving so slow that I believe it has actually starting moving backwards. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a Groundhog Day situation because I need the weekend to be here….last weekend of summer and I plan on making it count!