Two Year MBA, the best?

A little tid-bit to get you through a slow moving Monday:

Paul Danos, from the Tuck School of Business seems to think so. His article lists why he believes the two-year MBA is the “best.” He does preface his remarks by stating that each person’s situation is different, but if he had his choice he would choose the two-year.

This got me thinking about how I came to the decision about what the best MBA was going to be for me. My first instinct was that I would apply this year and if I didn’t get, I would apply to NYU’s Part Time Program and get my MBA that way. My thinking has changed since that time. The main thing that changed my view was studying for the GMAT. Trying to work, as much as I do (60+hrs/week) and studying was a lot to keep up with. I don’t think I want to imagine what 3-4 years of this would be like, so the two-year immersion is the only route I will consider at this point. If I don’t get in anywhere, talk to me then about part-time and I might change my mind, but as of now that is a no go.

I also believe that the immersion into a program is something that you can’t really get out of a part-time MBA experience. Your world is split between work and school and that is a difficult position to be in. If your company is sponsoring you to go back part-time, that is a horse of different color, and I would certainly take advantage of that, but since my company does not, I can’t, so I won’t!


Weekend Rewind (Same old song and dance…)

So this weekend was like deja vu all over again (to quote Yogi Berra). I will get to the non MBA related things first, so without further adieu…


1. Notre Dame – Ughhhh…terrible loss to a young Michigan team. Notre Dame beat themselves though with penalties, bad play calling, and terrible clock management. They were the better team, but they need to learn how to finish games off. This was just like watching the team play the last couple of years. Not a good start to the weekend.

2. Fulham – Success! Fulham played with heart and gutted out a nice 2-1 win over Everton. Clint Dempsey put in a great performance for the Cottagers and it was like watching the team last season….steady as she goes. Top of the table, here come the Whites!

3. Redskins – Another: ughhh…why do I support football teams that are just plain hard to watch? The defense played well, but the offense couldn’t move the ball against the Giants. Before the game I predicted we would lose 24-10, and they actually lost 23-17, so I can’t be too upset…but this was a game that they should have played better in. The score is not indicative of the game itself. Another flashback to last season.

GMAT/MBA stuff:

1. MBA Tour – I went to the MBA Tour on Saturday and by and large it was a disappointment. I had been to the tour last year and I felt as though the presentations were the same from last year and not much new information was presented. It made me angry to have gotten up early on a weekend to attend the event. The one saving grace was getting the opportunity to listen to Randal Sawyer from the Cornell’s Johnson School. I envision him as the type of man to just chew espresso beans because he seems to get an endless supply of energy out of nowhere. He passion, enthusiasm, and honesty show through during his presentations and you can tell by how engaged the audience is when he speaks. He was the main reason I began to look at Cornell, so kudos to him for saving me from completely wasting my Saturday.

2. GMAT – 670 (Q35, V44). 650-690: I am definitely stuck in this range….but I shall continue undaunted because the test is only 1 week away and I need to go into lock down mode to try and improve my score. In reviewing my test, I am still making little mistakes in the quant section (not answering the right question or just a simple calculation error) that are holding me back. I plan to take another test on Wednesday, so I am going to check each answer before clicking “confirm” to make sure that I have solved for the correct thing. It might cut down on the amount of time I have for the end questions, but making sure I  get questions correct is the most important part.

3. Yoda got my essays back to me and I plan to work on them next week…this week is all GMAT baby! Cornell is my first deadline and she thinks that those suckers are rounding into form. NYU on the other hand….another ughhh. I haven’t had a chance to look at all her comments, but let’s just say that they were very constructively critical! I am having trouble conveying that this is the school I want to go to…I guess I am suffering from something that I will call “Hot Girl” syndrome. This is when you get to speak with a very attractive female and you try to say something suave, but something barely resembling english leaves your mouth instead. Not good…I need to get past this and think of NYU as just another school. There are so many great things I want to say about it, but it is like 20 people trying to get through a doorway at one time and nothing of value is being said.

There is much to be done…and much to look forward to. I am in the home stretch of the GMAT and the Cornell app is right around the corner! Exciting times indeed! Happy Monday (if there is such a thing)!