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Two Year MBA, the best?

A little tid-bit to get you through a slow moving Monday:

Paul Danos, from the Tuck School of Business seems to think so. His article lists why he believes the two-year MBA is the “best.” He does preface his remarks by stating that each person’s situation is different, but if he had his choice he would choose the two-year.

This got me thinking about how I came to the decision about what the best MBA was going to be for me. My first instinct was that I would apply this year and if I didn’t get, I would apply to NYU’s Part Time Program and get my MBA that way. My thinking has changed since that time. The main thing that changed my view was studying for the GMAT. Trying to work, as much as I do (60+hrs/week) and studying was a lot to keep up with. I don’t think I want to imagine what 3-4 years of this would be like, so the two-year immersion is the only route I will consider at this point. If I don’t get in anywhere, talk to me then about part-time and I might change my mind, but as of now that is a no go.

I also believe that the immersion into a program is something that you can’t really get out of a part-time MBA experience. Your world is split between work and school and that is a difficult position to be in. If your company is sponsoring you to go back part-time, that is a horse of different color, and I would certainly take advantage of that, but since my company does not, I can’t, so I won’t!


6 Responses

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  2. As a student in the Fuqua Cross Continent program, I agree with your assessment more than I do Mr. Danos. The term “best” only applies in the sense that a) you’re not being sponsored (I am), b) you’re not too far along in your career and want to continue in the same field, and perhaps c) your personal life can support a full 2-year commitment.

    I liken an Executive MBA program to being dropped off half way up the mountain. SOME people might fault you for not climbing the *entire* mountain, but most people realize that getting to the top is just as impressive.

    In my situation, I don’t need to build my network from scratch. Nor do I need to wait two years to apply my learnings and (hopefully) cash in. That’s something you don’t get in the “traditional” program.

    So really, it all comes down to what fits best. As long as that “best” isn’t the University of Phoenix 😉


    • Randy,

      Thanks for the comments. Especially enjoyed the little snarky remark about The University of Phoenix…my kind of humor!

      I actually had the opportunity, recently, to read the essays of an applicant for Stern’s Part Time program. I think it gave me some more insight as to why someone would choose part-time over full-time. He definitely had some great reasons, both personal and professional.

      I took a look at the Cross Continent MBA and man am I jealous about that. It seems like it would be a great experience. I threw a link to your blog into my blog roll…again, thanks for the comments!

  3. Thanks for the link!

    University of Phoenix is a strange animal. Just had an acquaintance of mine finish the program, and he said it was hard. Rather than get into “how hard?”, I immediately thought “why not at least go to a state school?” And I think that’s one of the great ironies of the University of Phoenix.

    University of Phoenix needs to be rigorous, or it will keep its reputation as a diploma mill. At the same time, who wants to bust their ass for a UP MBA?

    As far as the CCMBA program goes, it’s already been an amazing experience, and I am only halfway through the first semester. Looks like you’re interested in a two year program, but I’d give the program a look when you’re ready.

  4. […] was officially not a fan of Gossip Girl and explained why he felt that a two year MBA program was best for him. XLick prepped for his Columbia interview by reviewing Clear Admit’s Columbia Interview Guide […]

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