Weekend Rewind (GMAT Edition)

As I was making my way through the Verbal section of the GMAT, I thought I was doing pretty well. I didn’t think my Quant section had gone well, so I was determined to make up for it with a great verbal section. I had not scored below the 96th percentile in Verbal in about 3 weeks, so I thought if I did about the same in verbal, I would be happy. As long as the test accurately reflects my strengths and weaknesses, then I have done the best I can…everything was going swimmingly as I got to the last Read Comp section. Panic was now setting in….the passage was only two paragraphs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throughout the practice tests, I noticed that the better I was doing, the longer the passages got, so I immediately knew I wasn’t doing as well as I normally do. This coupled with my perceived poor Quant performance had me thinking I was looking at something like 620. The moment arrived to click the “Continue” button to calculate my score. I didn’t even look…I waited until I saw the screen change to look at my score.

When I saw my score there was shock, horror, relief, and anger all rolled into one. The screen displayed a 690, not what I wanted, but obviously much better than I had expected. How did this happen you ask? Well the Quant section that I thought I bombed turned out to be a 48 (83%), which I was thrilled with. My verbal was a huge letdown, 36 (78%), as it was the exact same score I received last time. I was very angry with myself for not doing better in verbal because if I had done what I normally do in verbal, my score would have been well north of 700.

I realize that it sounds pretty stupid to be disappointed with a 690, but it is more about not reflecting my true abilities that made me angry (still makes me angry). BTW…an increase of 4 points in Quant is only worth 10 more points on the total score, wtf? Overall the experience was a good one, and from where I came (550 on my first practice test) this is a pretty good achievement. My plan is to go with my score for this year and if I don’t get into a top 25 school then I will re-take the GMAT next year in hopes of improving on that score.

On a somewhat related note: Why do I consistently get great verbal scores on practice tests and a mediocre verbal score on the real thing? I wouldn’t mind so much if it was just a Kaplan thing, or just a Veritas thing, but I was pretty consistent throughout the process. Very perplexing to me…

I hope everyone who took a GMAT this weekend did very well, happy Monday everyone!


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  2. 690 is a good score. you’ll definitely be competitive for nyu.

  3. Your GMAT experience sounds a lot like my first GMAT experience.The most important part of this test is not to let your performance on a questions affect your performance on the next question.

    690 is a good score. It would still put you in the 80% score ranges of most schools.

    Good luck!

  4. congrats steve!

  5. first off congrats on the great score!

    i had the same thing happen to me in verbal, my scores are actually very similar to yours, 48 m, and then a drop of like 5 points in verbal from my gmatprep… don’t know why it happens?

  6. Awesome story! 690 is a great score.

    I scored a 650 on this gmat practice test and I am feeling good going into the real thing.

  7. Rod – best of luck on the real thing! Confidence is the key and with it you can a lot more than you ever thought possible. Thanks for passing on Platinum GMAT, I put the link into my blogroll. I would be interested to see how you find the real thing compared to that. Drop me a line when it is over to let me know.

    Errbody else – Thanks for the wishes and your constant support throughout the process! (Yes I just used Errbody, as in the “jive” version of Everybody, I must be feeling saucy tonight!)

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