All about confidence…

So much of the MBA applicant experience is about confidence.  In looking back at my GMAT performance, I think that my perception of a poor performance on the Quant Section might have sabotaged my Verbal Section.  This is not the only place that confidence plays a large part though. The essays are about a belief in yourself and your accomplishments.

It can be very tough to read about the people who got into business school that started their own charity and have their own business, all while holding down an I-Banking job at Goldman. You begin to think that everyone who applies to business school is like that and your “accomplishments” seem puny by comparison. Your resume begins to shrink as you note that you haven’t worked for a large bank, a PE Fund, or a well known non-profit. Your college experience gets diminished because your school isn’t a Top 25 university with a huge endowment and a large alumni network. Despite all of this, you have to answer the question: what do you add to my MBA program? My initiate reaction was somewhere in between dumb struck and crippling fear. How are you supposed to answer that? Confidence!

I found that by listing all of the things I have done, on a piece of paper, I was able to overcome it. I realized that while I might not have started a hospital for children in Africa or sold my first business (I tried selling rocks that I colored with a crayon! Sadly, I overestimated the market for said rocks and the business closed shortly after. The world can be a cruel place for a 7 year-old)  by the age of 18, I had done some pretty great things (If I do say so myself!).

Confidence is also going to play a large role in the interview process (if I ever get there…God, I hope I get there). There is nothing worse than walking into an interview so nervous that you avoid eye contact and never really sell yourself. Being yourself is hard to do without confidence in who you are. This brings me the real reason for my post. I had to find a way to post this video, of a little boy re-enacting the famous Herb Brooks Speech before the 1980 Olympic Hockey Finals. The team was up against the Russians and had no reason to believe in themselves, but once he delivered this speech, there was no way they were going to lose. What a job by this little guy, btw…suit and all. He is going places. Future MBA, class of 2035.

I have to run, I am meeting with a VC firm to try and revive my rock selling business. I think the market is finally mature enough to support my venture.