GMAT Score Report & Weekend Plans

I received the Official GMAT Score Report today. I got a 6.0 on the AWA, so that made me feel pretty good. Although you usually don’t find anything of interest on the score report, other than the AWA score, I did. In my post-mortem GMAT post I said that I got a 36 on Verbal, which was the same I had received on my first attempt. When I looked at my score report I noticed that I got a 38…not earth shattering, but possibly important. One of the schools I am applying to, Dartmouth (R2), takes the highest Verbal and the highest Quant and makes that your new GMAT score,  much like the SATs. When combining my 38 with my 48, I have a “new” highest score of 710. While not that important, it at least makes me feel somewhat better that in some way shape or form, I broke 700! It also give me over 80% in both sections, which shows nice balance in my work. I am still not happy about my Verbal score, but at this point I cannot change it.

I am now moving on from the GMAT, it is in the past and I will not be talking about it anymore. Finishing off my essays, especially Cornell, is my new priority. The Cornell App is due Oct. 6th. I have all of my personal info in the app and my test scores. I have one rec. posted, but am still waiting on my current supervisor to upload his. He made a quick comment to me, apologizing for not getting it in sooner. I told him Cornell should be the priority and the other schools can wait because they have November deadlines. My last piece of business is to upload my transcripts.  Shouldn’t be too hard, which is probably why I have waited until the very last moment to do it.

My essays are coming along very well as I just sent Yoda over my most recent copy. The essays will then be passed onto a Cornell “expert” who will propose final changes to the document. I am going to be very happy to get rid of these monsters, so Oct. 6th cannot come soon enough (Although I hope to submit at least a couple days before the deadline). After Cornell it is onto finishing off my NYU essays and starting my Dartmouth essays (fun, fun).

This weekend will mostly consist of going to a Yankees vs. Red Sox game, watching football, and the Cornell essays. Should be a wonderful weekend, as fall has certainly set in. We are coming down the home stretch for mnay R1 applicants. You can almost see the finish line…kick harder and finish it off!


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  2. That’s interesting that Dartmouth takes the highest score combined across multiple GMAT’s. It seems like that only encourages students to focus too much on the GMAT, when the application should be the thing that receives much more focus.

    Regardless, congrats on your score, and good luck on your apps!

  3. Randy,

    I thought it was pretty interesting as well, as it is the only school I know of that does so. I wonder how they would look at someone who took the GMAT and got a 50Q and a 23V, and then took it again to get a 36Q and a 48V. Would they take the 50 and the 48, when it seems pretty obvious that the student only studied to improve the verbal section, while ignoring quant. It definitely makes for an interesting discussion…

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Interesting stuff. I loved your entry about confidence, I’m intending to devote an entry to the topic later in the process… after submissions!

    Good luck!

  5. LSMBA,

    Thank you for the praise…I tossed your blog up in my BlogRoll.

    I just started to read your blog, so i will be interested in what you have to say about confidence. I am curious about how I will look at confidence after the process is over (hopefully with an admit). Glad you enjoy the blog and keep on posting your thoughts.


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