Hitting the Century Mark and Dropping the Ball…

Sometimes things come together so perfectly, that one has to wonder if they have been given a gift from God. Other times things go so wrong that you can’t help but wonder if God is just having a laugh at your expense. Both of those things happened to me this weekend.

Let’s start with the good news, always better to start with the good news, that way you can wallow in self pity about the bad news. It all started on Thursday evening when i found out that my fiance’s client was going to take us to a Yankee game against the Boston Red Sox (big rivals, for those who don’t know baseball very well). When we arrived at our seats I was shocked because we were in the closest section, about 14 rows from the field. Very cool! It was a great experience, as we had people come and take our orders instead of waiting in line at the concession stands. The best part was that we didn’t pay for anything, except one round of drinks because it was a business expense. The weekend is most certainly off to a great start as the Yankees win a tidy 3-0 game. Great pitching, great defense, great time! The bad part of the game came in the 6th inning. Jacoby Ellsbury, the Red Sox Center Fielder, ended the inning by making a routine catch. As he jogged back to his dugout he looked into the crowd as he prepared to throw the ball to a fan. He tossed the ball high into the air and a little bit too far for those ahead of me. The ball was about to come down in a stairwell, when I reach over and the ball comes inches from my finger tips. It then proceeds to bounce down the stairs to those in the section below mine. UGH! I was booed and heckled by the crowd for my effort (or lack there of).

Before going to the game on Saturday I found out that my friend had tickets to the Sunday game, but was not able to attend. I gladly accepted the tickets, and because she won them, they were again free. I invite my brother and some of his friends to the game and we are situated by the right field foul pole, in the second deck. In the sixth inning (again!?!) Mark Teixeira hits a deep drive that looks as though it is headed right for us. It isn’t a pop up, this is a hard hit line drive. As it gets closer to our section, I realize that it actually is coming directly at us. My brother prepares to catch the ball with his bare hands and then all hell breaks loose. The ball hits my brother in the finger, breaking it, and knocking him into the person next to him! The ball bounces off his broken finger and hits me in the chest! It falls to the row below us and I dive over the seats in front of me (and over and elderly woman) to try and retrieve¬† the ball. The elderly woman, apparently shocked by the young man who has just leapt over her shoulder, kicks the ball to the row one below her! At this point I am fully extending my body and stretching to try and retrieve the ball…I see it, but before I can throw myself at it, it is picked up by a man two rows below me. My brother and I were promptly booed (again!), and one of the classy gentleman below me turned around and said, “What are you gay? Catch the fucking ball!”The agony, the pain, the humiliation!

For those of you who are not familiar with the game, and are going ot say, “You’ll get them next time champ,” or “I am sure you will get another chance at catching a ball,” please realize that I have been going to games for my entire life and I have only come close to 3 balls. The two this weekend and one 3 years ago and bounce between my brother’s legs and kicked away from us (come to think of it, maybe it is him who is the weak link). So these opportunities do not manifest themselves very often. For it to happen two games in a row is astronomically rare and I blew it, flat out, just blew it.

But….The Yankees went onto to win the game on Sunday and clich the American League East Championship. It was their 100th win and this is my 100th post (weird, right?). So I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has read/commented on my blog since I started. I never thought that this many people would read about my trials and tribulations and come back to read more. At current count I have had over 6,600 hits, which is about 6,600 more than I thought I would ever get (I don’t think all of them are from readers, as I believe 6,599 of them were from my mother). I have had about 75 comments and have enjoyed every one of them. Thanks to everyone, and hopefully my next 100 will be even better than the first 100 (because honestly, they weren’t very good).

P.S. Sent my Cornell essays and my resume to Yoda, so I should have an update for you sometime this week.

P.P.S. The Redsksins lost to a team who hadn’t won in 20 straight games, how does that happen?