Cornell Essays, Tuck Interview Scheduled, & Gossip Girl Stamp of Approval

I received my essays last night from the Cornell specialist and he pretty much destroyed what Yoda and I had worked on. I went through the 7 stages of grieving in about 5 seconds. Shock, Pain, Anger, Depression, Rebound, Reconstruction, and Acceptance. I came to the conclusion that I am paying for this person’s advice and I should be listening to it. I want my essays to be the best they can be and if it takes another revision, that is what I am going to have to do. UGHHHHH!!!!! On second thought maybe I am still stuck in depression…hopefully the rest of the day can be the rebound.

On Tuesday I scheduled an applicant initiated interview for Monday, October 12th, which is Columbus Day. I am pretty excited to get up there and see the campus and speak with the students about their experiences at Tuck. I have a class visit, a campus tour, and the interview while I am in Hanover. Me and the little lady are going to head up there on Sunday morning to poke around the town to see if there is anything for us to do around there. We are pretty laid back, so I am sure there is something we will enjoy. I have heard from a few people, that the area is great and very beautiful.

Quick story to give you a headache on a Thursday morning….My fiance had some concerns about me potentially going to Dartmouth, as the company she works for does not have an office there, so it would mean stopping her current career path. She has done very well at this company and in just over 3 years has become a manager (I think she should be applying for B-School instead of me), so giving that up would be pretty difficult. It was something that we were discussing, but then she remembered that she taped Gossip Girl on Monday and quickly fired up the DVR and began watching the show. Apparently, Tuck was mentioned twice in this weeks episode and because of this (and only this!) my fiance has decided that it is going to be the right place for us! (It should be noted that the person who mentioned it was a secretary, probably not what she went to Tuck to accomplish, but I guess the show is just reflecting the realism of today’s MBA job market!) Obviously if it is mentioned on Gossip Girl, it has to be good! If this was an Analysis of an argument Essay on the GMAT I wouldn’t even know where to begin in refuting this argument because it is based on such ridiculous logic that one cannot rationally argue against it. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my life!

XOXO (For those that don’t know, every episode of Gossip Girl ends with her saying this, yuck…)