Weekend happenings & crunch time!

Had a bachelor party this weekend for my future broth-in-law. We played golf on Saturday (beat the crap out of everyone), ate at Carmine’s (at the Trop), and gambled all night. It was great fun, expensive, but great fun. I lost (naturally, but not badly) in my attempt at craps and then drank my sorrows away with some of my friends. I stumbled back into my room at the Borgata at around 5am and was on the road back home at 9:30am.

I had to finish my Cornell essays, so there was no rest for the weary…seriously, almost no rest. I got on the road, ate two (yes two) WAWA breakfast sandwiches and made it home in time to start thinking about my essays. The funny thing about trying to do your essays  on the couch after about 4 hours sleep and then a 2+ hour drive home (and 6 hours of drinking) is that you are going to fall asleep…I did. I woke up and it was the middle of the second football game, I had a massive headache, and I was pretty hungry. I had to go get my haircut because I was starting to look like one of the Monkey’s and people at work would notice when I showed up to work with a mop of my head. After the haircut and eating dinner in Hoboken I made it back to the apartment around 7. I wanted to get 2 essays finished, but when I looked up at the clock it was 12 o’clock and I was delirious (and quite possibly drooling on myself). I sent the latest revision to Yoda and went to bed.

I have one last revision that needs to be done tonight…but it shouldn’t be too bad, and I am hoping that I get some sleep tonight. It is crunch time and sleep just has to wait. My last recommendation is being done as we speak and everything for Cornell is on scheudle for the button to be pushed sometime tomorrow. Getting one school done is going to be a huge relief, but then the realization that Tuck is due 8 days later will kick in and all relief will be out the window. After Tuck I have an entire month to get Stern done, which is going to seem like a leisurely pace compared to Tuck!

I believe there were some Friday deadlines for some schools, so I hope everyone who wanted to, got those in on time! Happy Monday!


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