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Weekend Rewind (Wedding, Yankee, & Cornell edition)

What a weekend! Lets get the rewind started!

Friday – My future brother in-law got married on Friday and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. A day of drinking, eating, and dancing to excess. This was the most elaborate wedding I have ever been to and it was a great time. I wanted to share the following story with you to show:

A.) exactly how drunk I was

B.) how I embarrass my fiancee no matter where I go

The story begins at the introduction of the bridal party. This is typically a pretty easy thing to do, you just walk out when your name is called and everyone claps, even though they have no idea who you are. This wedding however was slightly different. First there was a large screen that showed each couple as they walked out for introductions. Second, this was a north Jersey wedding, so everyone was expected to bust out their best dance move or do something funny. Lastly, my fiancee and I were the second to last couple to be introduced, so I got to see everyone’s  intro.

Because big things are expected of us, my fiancee and I begin planning out our routine. We decided that we had to come up with multiple things to do because we were the 10th couple to go and our material could be stolen before we even enter. We plot out 3 routines and feel we are ready to wow the crowd.

The parents get introduced first and then the bridal party begins. I am pretty far in back of the line, so my fiancee and I sneak up to the front to get a better look at our compatriots dance moves. The first few are uninspiring and a few people simply strut their way to the dance floor. My fiancee and I are feeling very confident that we are going to dazzle (dancing with the stars style). Then like a scene from a horror movie, it all goes to pieces. The first was when someone threw the fishing pole out and the female began dancing back towards him. Move #1 gone (I make an incredible fish). Next, one of the men picks up the woman and carries her to the dance floor. Move two gone (but my back was saved, sorry honey). Then to my horror I realize that our third move isn’t possible. We had planned to twist our way to the dance floor, but we didn’t know that the room was carpeted. No one can do the twist on a carpet, not even my father, who is the twist master. There is only one person ahead of us now and we are panicking. What are we going to do? We can’t just walk out there can we? CAN WE? We turn to each other and I say to her, “You dance and I will do my thing behind you.” (Not in a sexual way, but in a dancing kind of way) We are up….I hear our names called and the doors open.

The spotlight hits me and the crowd roar for us (slight exaggeration). I still have no idea what I am going to do. My fiancee begin busting a move and then without warning I throw open my suit jacket and begin dancing while accentuating that it is open. If you want to picture the scene, I look like a flasher who is dancing behind a woman at this point…creeping everyone out. I immediately realize that I need to change the move up, as we are almost half way to the dance floor. What happens next I cannot explain and do justice to it. I turn to the left and see the camera that was filming me…I then start giving it “the guns.” You know the move (or hopefully you don’t) where you pretending to be shooting things from both hips. Why I did this, the world may never know. Needless to say it was not one of my finer moments and I embarrassed my family and my fiancee. Later in the night, I was asked to pose for a picture (with my sis) to re-enact my “dance” move. Here it is in all its glory…



Saturday – There was a brunch the next morning and we left right after that. I got home and laid on the couch all day, as the weather was terrible here in NJ. Perfect day to rest and recuperate. I watched Notre Dame win, and the Yankee game was canceled. I fell into a deep sleep at about 10 and didn’t wake up until 9ish. It was a great day!

Sunday – Liverpool vs. Man U was a decent enough game, so I watched that while working on my final version of my Cornell essays. I finished that up and watched football the rest of the day. I did make it outside for a while, though because it was such a  beautiful day. The night was reserved for a huge Yankee win. They got lucky with how they scored there runs, but if you put yourself in good enough positions, sometimes you get a break. Back to the WS for the first time since 2003. Bravo and congrats Yanks. You deserve it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. My final deadline is coming up on the 15th, so I am going to go back into essay mode. Gotta push on through to the otherside!


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