Cornell done & NYU Plans

Got the final revision back from Yoda yesterday (just as the Yankee game started, but I will not be discussing that). I need to make the final changes tonight and I should be on track to submit this bad boy tomorrow. A little late, but at least it is the best it can be. My sight then turns to The Violets of NYU. I have some serious work to do on those guys because I haven’t touched them in over a month! My plan is to get them done by the 8th, so I can submit them to the NYU specialist and receive his/her comments in time for a quick final revision.

I have a visit scheduled for the 11th of November for Stern. This is the 2nd year in a row that I have visited on the 11th (Veteran’s Day), but this time I will be searching for things to spice up my essays. Adding a personal touch to my Stern experience will be the last thing I do with these essays and should make them really stand out. I am counting the days until the 15th, as I want this process to come to a swift and successful conclusion.

Not much else going on these days, but hoping the Yanks can come through with a big win tonight! BTW…work happy hour tonight, so hopefully there will be some good stories or hangovers here tomorrow.


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