Weekend Happenings

Halloween night was a lot of fun, as I had a get together with some of my high school friends. Two are married, one of which is having a baby! This is just making me feel old…but alas, it was great fun! Lots of food and drink (especially drinks). As promised I dressed up as a female (the ugliest female in the history of females), and people enjoyed the costume for a little while and then it started to creep them out. I can’t really blame them for that…Pictures are not available right now, but look for them either tonight or tomorrow.

I woke up early on Saturday morning because I had to journey back north for a dentist appointment. I really don’t like the dentist because i am guilty of never flossing, even though I should. You can’t lie to a dentist either because he or she will know immediately. Your teeth tell them all they need to know, there is no way to game the system. I would like my chances better against a lie detector…

Fulham beat Liverpool on Saturday, which angered my English colleague. Notre Dame won, which angered the rest of college football fans. The Yankees also won, although I fell asleep in the ninth inning, so I didn’t actually witness it.

No essays got done this weekend because wedding duties called and it was my fiancee’s b-day on Sunday. I took her to Babbo in NYC, which is a great restaurant that you should all try if you have the chance. I wined and dined her and we both had a great time. The Yankees didn’t help me either, keeping me up late (again) to win another and put them one win away from the championship! Unfortunately this means that this week will be cramming for me….how does this always happen. Why can’t real life just neatly fall in place behind MBA stuff? It would make things so much easier. NYU essays, here I come!


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