Philly vs NY (Daily Show Style)

This is a great look at Philly vs. NY fans. Having lived and experienced both fans I can say that NY fans are *typically* (and I say typically because these people on the video are the exception) classier than Philly fans are. I went to an Eagles vs. Redskins game at The Linc (the new Eagles stadium) and was just abused from moment 1. I did have a jersey on, all I had on was a hat. I expected this from the Philly fans, but even I was surprised at how bad it got. NY fans will certainly “give you the business” too, but they usually do it in a more witty way than just spewing curses and terrible things about my mother. With all of that said, this video is NOT safe for work unless you have it pretty low. It is completely worth the risk though, so go a head and play it!

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The evidence…

So, as promised here are some pictures of my Halloween costume.  I was thinking of putting myself down as a trans-gender applicant, which would make me extremely unique in the applicant pool! Although after looking at them, I think it would certainly hurt my candidacy! Be kind in your comments, as this is not my proudest moment…

The beginning of the night

My fiancee and I as one another....doesn't she look happy? (yes I have boobs in the picture)

The drinking begins...

She grabs my beer and I grab her glass of wine

Dirty flirt

Many drinks deep and my seductive side comes out (very creepy)