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HBS student tries to choke a cop, while dressed in drag!

This story is from the realm of, “You just can’t make this stuff up.” A couple HBS students, who were dressed as women for the night (imagine that!) got kicked out a bar because they were too intoxicated. They became angered when they were not allowed back in to the bar to retrieve their belongings. The manager attempted to locate said items, but without any success. One of the men goes berserk and starts choking a cop, who had arrived at the scene. Not a good story for the stigma of privileged MBAs who lack morals, certainly not a good story for HBS, and lastly it is not a good story for the guy involved here. Going to be tough to explain why he has an aggravated assault on an officer on the old rap sheet.

This story is proof that life can always get worse. If you don’t get into B-School it could be a blessing in disguise, as maybe you were destined to choke a cop…


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  1. […] the full article: HBS student tries to choke a cop, while dressed in drag! AKPC_IDS += "4988,"; Share this […]

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