Yankees win, I’m tired, and Yale?!?

Last night the New York Yankees clinched their record-setting, 27th world championship. It was a great night and a great performance by the team (really just Hideki Matsui). If it isn’t already, I think November 4th should be a national holiday in Japan celebrating all that Matsui is. The 6 RBIs in a World Series game was a record and his performance earned him MVP honors for series. I would have still voted for Rivera, but without Matsui we would have never one this game. What a season and I couldn’t be happier for all the guys on the team because they worked hard and they deserve the title. Friday’s parade down the Canyon of Heroes should not be missed because this city goes wild when the Yankees win.

All these late night games have taken their toll on me and I am like a zombie today! You can tell the people who stayed up to watch the game last night because they are either sleeping or “spacing out’ at their desks. I fall into the later category. I decided to write this post before I fall asleep in a pool of my own drool.
Lastly, I have been looking around for another school to apply to. Why? I don’t know, sheer masochism…but in my search I started to look at Yale. Why, no clue, maybe because it was close to home? I find it to be somewhat of a pariah in the MBA applicant universe. It is ranked as a great school (top 15 or so), but I never hear anyone say, “Yale is my #1.” Heck, I don’t even know anyone who went there,  applied to go there, or  thought of submitting an application. I don’t know what it is about the program, maybe it is its general management focus? The fact that it doesn’t specialize in finance? It is a very prestigious school with an alumni network that is pretty tight. So why the cold shoulder from upper end applicants? Maybe I am looking to hard at this and lots of people are applying to/want to go/are dying to be a Yale Bulldog, but I just don’t see it. So what say you, have you thought about Yale, are you applying there, is Yale like the red-headed step child of MBAs? Help me out people!


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