Leif Ericson

One of the features of the blog that is pretty interesting is getting to see what sites are directing people to your site and also what key words people searched for in order to get to your site. Every single day, without fail, I have had 1 (or more) people connect to my site because they searched for “Leif Ericson. My post on Leif Ericson day is obviously to blame, so I figured that I would just direct those people who are clicking on an MBA blog to learn about Leif, to his Wikipedia page. Happy hunting and I can’t wait until next Oct. 9th to celebrate his life again!


2 Responses

  1. I just thought I should post a comment because I got here by searching for Leif Ericson. A friend mentioned him and I didn’t know who he was. So I thought stumbling on this post was pretty funny.


  2. Thanks Anita….I live to please. I had so many people visiting my blog that I put together a whole page about the man. In a given day about 60-75 people visit the site just looking for Leif. He is a pretty popular guy

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