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Jersey Shore

I don’t know what to say about this other than it has to be the dumbest thing ever on television. While I appreciate the stereotyped NJ guido, these guys are just too much for me. This is the bias that I have to fight being an Italian from NJ and this doesn’t really do anything to help me. Don’t waste your time watching this and hopefully it will just fade into the abyss…but have a look at the clip for a laugh

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4 Responses

  1. The show “Cake Boss” isn’t doing you guys any favors either.

  2. It certainly is not…quick little story about said Boss. My fiancee, being the wonderful person she is (you hear that honey!), inquired about how much it would cost for a cake that we could eat during our rehearsal dinner. My fiancee wondered what it would cost for them to build us a replica of the new Yankee Stadium, like you would see on the show. The woman responded with $10-15,000…..excuse me. You are still using flour and sugar, right? You didn’t replace them with cocaine and gold did you? (Cause if you did I might be interested, I keed, I keed). Ridiculous…and on top of that, they are terrible for the Italian stereotype.

    Hope your semester is winding down nicely Randy, thanks for reading, as always!

  3. […] the full article: Jersey Shore AKPC_IDS += "5704,"; Share this […]

  4. I actually caught Jersey Shore this weekend; my wife likes that type of thing. That show is so comical, I don’t think people could ascribe that behavior to “Italians from Jersey/NY”, that’s almost a different race of people, or dare I say, a different species of human. WTF!

    I also liked how MTV has the class to show Snooki getting punched right in the mouth as part of the upcoming scenes. Way to promote domestic abuse MTV!

    That’s interesting about the Cake Boss, I would’ve expected something like that. My cousin actually got a cake from Charm City (Ace of Cakes) for her wedding…a wine barrel. The cake looked great, tasted like crap. On the other hand, at my wedding we had a “free” cake from a local bakery, which killed.

    From now on, I’ll take my baked goods “classic-style”, no art. Thanks.

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