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I suck at gambling…

So, the title of the post pretty much sums up my weekend. I invited to Atlantic City this weekend to celebrate a friend’s brother’s 21st birthday. It was a great time and I got to see some of my friends from high school, which was great. We stuffed ourselves at Carmine’s in the Tropicana (great food) and then hit the tables. It was actually pretty crowded and we had to wait about 20 minutes before we (fiancee & I) could snag a spot on a $25 minimum table. I threw my $200 down at the blackjack table and the evening was under way. My luck started off middling as I was waffling around break-even for about 30 minutes. After that the dealer changed, and with her went my money.

The new dealer was named Steve, and I took that as a sign of good fortune. apparently it was not…30 minutes later I had $0 left. What was terrible about it was that it was just a slow bleed. I didn’t lose it all in one hand or a few hand, but over the course of many hands during that 30 minutes. The bell tolled for me when I drew a 13 vs a 4. Everyone at the table stayed with their hands and the dealer turned over a 7 and then a 10, giving him 21. OUCH!

I felt even worse for my fiancee, though, as she lost as well. She was doing much better than me until Steve showed up. She was actually winning and was one hand away from walking away from the table. She had an 11 and doubled her bet and drew only a 3 (not good). The dealer was showing a 6 and proceeded to flip over a 5 and then a 10, giving him 21, again. The dealer would go on to make 4, yes 4, 21s in a row! Needless to say my fiancee was out soon after. We went to sleep only to find out that my friends who had stayed at the tables had won over $700…kill me.

I compounded my misery by betting that the Cowboys would win and the total score would be under 45.5. Well, the Giants won and the score was over 45.5. Completely wrong! I then bet the Vikings -3 over the Cardinals, and they lost as well. I am in that dark place where gamblers sometimes find themselves….denouncing gambling as an evil, evil thing that I will never do again. The only solace is that I know I am a better gambler than this guy, who managed to lose $145 million last year!

On a completely unrelated note…it is December 7th, which is a day that will live in infamy. I am speaking of course about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I have had the great pleasure to visit the site and it is truly remarkable. Never forget the men and women who keep us safe everyday. Especially on days like today!

Hope everyone had a great weekend…


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