ICAP Charity Day 2009

I work for a company called ICAP. If you don’ work for a bank, or are not a trader, you probably have never heard of us. We are the self described, “world’s premier inter-dealer broker.” We are basically brokers to other brokers. The reason I tell you this is that our Charity Day is coming up tomorrow and all the proceeds from trades done go to various charities. There will be celebrities here to “confirm trades” and talk with traders, while also raising money for the charity they represent. The list of celebs has not been revealed yet, probably not until late this afternoon, but I can tell you that NYC radio personalities Boomer & Carton will be broadcasting live from our trading floor. I will post a full list of celebs when they become available. I will also try my best to harass those who come here to take a picture with me. Hopefully those will be posted on Thursday. This is an international event, with our parent London office running the show across the pond, so no excuses people!


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